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Bird of Prey

I am wrapping up my rough draft essay on Obedience.  I have read about the atrocities caused by war - specifically Hiroshima.  When I first started this assignment, I thought ::: Are we all just a bunch of barn-fed chickens? Surely the individual will make up their own mind and would not be part of any act of tyranny, unless provoked? Clearly, that is not the case - never underestimate the stupidity of people in crowds i.e. if you are faced with a powerful organisation, don't be surprised if you fold like a paper swan.

The 'Bird of Prey' video reminds me of this.  The stark realities of what war is about.   It is a truly beautiful machine - tailored however, for killing.  However, I just love the plane - everytime I see it take off, I get goosebumps. I just love its symmetry. To quote my son ::: People aren't happy, unless they're blowing crap up.  Sad, but true.
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