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Summer's Here

Ten days ago, I was complaining about the continual deluge of water we were receiving in the UK.  Now it feels like the temperature has been cranked up to gas mark 5 in comparison.  It was 25.6 c (78.08 f) in the back garden today.  Last week, I was worried about a load of my plants rotting as the soil had become waterlogged; now I am concerned because they have now dried out and are wilting in the heat.  This evening we have had fog and, as I have a ringing headache - I HAVE wondered if we are due for a storm. 

Still, it's doing wonders for my tea roses and I am hoping that we even might get some decorating done this weekend.  Prodigal 1 may repoint the porch roof as hubby paints it and Prodigal 2 hopes to sort his room out, so that can be filled and painted too.  I think I may escape to the beach for a while...

Gotta love Groove Armada - this came out in '99, I think - it was on heavy rotation on MTV and I played this during the eclipse of the same year.  Not sure where they shot the video, but it reminds me of home :-)
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