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NaNoWriMo 2021 - Day 15 & 16

Well, I have tipped over the 30k, but bit disappointed that I hadn't done more today. There is a reason behind this - I was at the doctors for after another session of fainting fits.

Happened over the weekend - this is always happening when I am sitting or lying down. My sister has wondered if I suffer from Postural Tachycardia Syndrome commonly known as POTS - a possibility and no doctor or consultant has come up with this as yet. Thing is, my heart tanks when I sit, relax or sleep, then races when I do normal things. Is there a term for Postural Bradycardia? can't get a sensible answer from the internet as yet.

I chatted to the loop monitor specialist this morning, who has asked me to contact my GP and this afternoon, I had a blood pressure test. My bloody heart decided to resonate a healthy 60 with a normal blood pressure reading (I had walked from the reception to the doctor's office). Yet, the readings of the home monitor both last night and this morning read that my diastolic was too low and my pulse was in my shoes. Apparently, another consultant is on the case (so, what's happened to Dr T**t, my former consultant?) and is looking into all the data from various ECG measures I had pre hospital, my 10 days stay and the loop monitor since. Everything taking its own sweet time - I'm in week 5 and have been told that "no news is good news" for now.

That's great - so, why do I keep fainting?

Dare I say it, I miss the Henhouse (and its paypacket) something chronic. I would've been exhausted by now, so just as well I'm not there.
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