Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

My Heart

A few of you know that I had blacked out a couple of times during the summer. I had news on Thursday that things weren't right with my heart. After I received the information from my Dr, I was put onto tablets, but before I had chance to take them, I had a mini heart attack. I was advised to go to a&e yesterday, but Treliske hadn't got my ecg record.

After waiting for a bed all this time (19 hours), I broke down and another Dr took charge, didn't have the 24hr ecg note. I gave him my photocopy (which he should have had) and suddenly, they are moving very fast. Angiogram, echo cardiogram, the full works, with possible view to stents etc.

My Dr sent it to the cardio unit. Before they had chance to get an appointment, the event happened.

I am in the cardio ward due to stay in hospital til at least Thursday and am right now, I am not allowed to move out of bed without someone in attendance.

Relieved that the mri is OK, but things have moved too fast for me to process at the moment.
Tags: health issues, heart
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