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My Heart & I Are Not On Speaking Terms

I had a 'medical incident' Monday morning - I passed out. I had a very low pulse 39-42 bmp. Also, I have had problems breathing. I have been to Drs, who witnessed it dipping to 42, though, rising again, then dipping again at 39. Some form of bradycardia - so, not vertigo or inner ear as first suggested. They are trying to get a 24hr heart monitor. I have been told to stop driving until they get to the bottom of it.

I was in mid conversation with Hubby when it happened. Luckily, I was on the bed. I took a sharp breath, my eyes rolled, and I keeled over. I count myself lucky, I was about to run myself a bath.

There was no warning. No clamminess no spots before the eyes. Not a gradual slither either - I dropped like I had been shot. It was frightening, I must admit to worrying that I won't wake up. I have had breathing probs in my sleep. At night, I have been propped up with the fan at full blast for a few weeks now.

GP is sympathetic and a little concerned, am having blood tests for thyroid and other things, plus they're trying to find a 24hr monitor, but those are thin on the ground at the moment. ECG reading suggested that there had been a couple of elongated gaps, but the pulse behaved itself then, even though Dr experienced how low it could get - twice. They MIGHT send me to a clinic. Literally nothing else.

Bearing in mind the problems I had experienced with my left eye from a couple of months back, which links back to an allergic reaction to the AZ vaccine in February, where my eye swelled and I temporarily lost hearing in my left ear (have it officially on my hospital notes, so no, I'm not a conspiracist, nor an anti vaxxer), I worry about this. They went from flapping and fast-tracking to being ambivalent, which will see me getting a PHONE consultation from the neurology department on September 1st. Sweet J to the C.

I have very little faith left in the NHS, because successive governments have bled it dry. If it was on its knees pre Covid, it's on its chin now, barely reading a pulse - like yours truly a couple of days back (gross hyperbole, but you get the point). Regardless of whether these two situations are linked, or indeed relating to the AZ jab, I am sick to death of not being seen, diagnosed and treated accordingly. I just want to have certain things ruled out, life adjusted and go forward. Right now, solo expeditions like taking a bath, going for a walk, or driving are out of the question.

Just how long am I meant to wait before they get their collective arses together and Sort This Out?

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