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Lesson 9 (Intro to Academia) test score this time was 90%, slipped up on something fairly minor which I will know better for next time. And I SHOULD have known better, because I learnt back while at uni, but hey, that was four years ago now. Awarded the highest grade, which has pleased me.  Now onto the last part of the module "Legal & Copyright" - another 33 page document of delights for me to get cross-eyed over and then tested on. I was lulled into a false sense of security with Lesson 8's comparatively short 11 mark test; Lesson 9 had 25 questions. This last one looks chunkier, so Lord knows how many multiple choice questions there are this time.

Small steps - could be finished before the weekend (music unrelated, just fed up uploading pix that are null and void within a week).

Tags: proofreading course level 4, vids 2021

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