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Last week, I was on course to finish lesson 8 in the proofreading course. I had studied as per usual, then two migraines in twenty four hours just about wiped me out. This video details what it can be like - I used to get the occluded vision whe I was in my teens and 20s but now, I tend to get the spots (though it looks like electric sleet to me) and the aura and light/sound sensitivity. However, nothing can project the pain, the loss of speech and the sheer exhaustion afterwards. I am hoping as I get older, these migraines will cease, or become rare.

Have just taken the prooreading test for 'Checking Accuracy & Facts.' 100% score - yay! Onward to the penultimate lesson 9, which is about proofreading academic works. The lesson material is for tomorrow, me thinks. Count each little victory and move on.
Tags: migraine, proofreading course level 4, vids 2021

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