Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Seven Week Recap

Well, it's come down from a crispy 31c here to around 20c, which is eminently more doable. Still trying to get what flowing air is available - Tyrian Fannister is currently rotating on my desk in a bid attempt to cool things down.

I have finished at the Hen House ( [10 hr day x 5 day week] x 6 weeks) for another season and have taken a week off, so it is time to finally sort out the last part of the proofreading course. This means I need to spend the day recapping, as the last parts of the module are online and you either pass or you don't. I don't want any cock ups down to being away from the course too long.  This sounds like hell This sounds like fun - I know how to live this is not it.
Tags: proofreading, proofreading course level 4

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