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I am back at the photograph factory for the summer season this year. I am packing group photos in a 50 hour week. I am too tired to be on the pc, and this is the reason why posts are so thin on the ground on my blog. I dunno - maybe my time for blogging has come to an end now? Once, people were interested in the written word, but are now more interested in bullet points and TikTok videos (I am no exception here. Would not have the nerve to be in front of the camera, but appreciate a lot of the videos that come out of this new forum).

I am packing listening to Classic FM or edgy music on Spotify, plus I have downloaded some quality literature. Some not to my taste. I listened to 'The Master and Margarita' - turns out, I'm not a fan. It had all the elements that should entice me: satire, magical realism, set in beautiful Russia. It had interesting sounding charactors: Dodgy Woland, a hysterical poet nicknamed Homeless, Behemoth the gun-toting cat. Yet it did not ignite my imagination, though I managed to finish it. I have moved onto 'Moll Flanders' now.

I have 20% of my proofreading/copy editing course to go, which I will finish once this stint is over, plus copy writing might be on the list soon (the latter afforded after my autumn stint at the Hen House).
Tags: hen house 2021, unkle, vids 2021

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