Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard


I am not a well bunny at the moment. The reason I am not back in retail (other than my boss was a twat) is that I caused myself significant damage by hefting some deliveries at the wrong angle. I wrenched something in my gallbladder side and I have been living with pain ever since. I had a flare up in November, which saw me back at the doctor's. One scan later and they find I am full of shale. I was going to be referred, but Covid resurfaced in January and I put it off. For the past fortnight, the pain has gone from a dull-but-livable ache to definite inflammation (which for other medical reasons, I can't take ibuprofen for) and increased nausea and sickness.

Last night went a bit pear-shaped. Rough didn't cover the gut wrenches and the now sharp pain under my ribs. For once, the doctor actually listened, took a look qt my history and went "right, we've got to babysit you through this, until you see the surgeon and anaestetist." Many meds later and I will be having the first vagually comfortable night for a while.

Edit::: it is 22:36 and I took the meds an hour ago. No pain - it's funny to think that it's weird to NOT have pain.
Tags: unwell
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