Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Bank Holiday Weekend

May be art of flower

I am motoring on with my course, knowing that I probably need to be a bit careful with the last half as there is a lot expected from it.  Medium level editing to match the first half of the assignment, which is to be expected.

It's May bank holiday weekend here in the UK though and I am looking forward to having some time out over the next few days to smell the flowers, listen to music and generally find some peace. Right now, I'm listening to the weird and wonderful on Spotify while Hubby and Prodigal 2 are watching the snooker. We are due to meet up with people this weekend (small groups less than 6 and outdoors as per brief). We have cancelled one couple as it rained on the 2 consecutive days that we tried to meet up this week. It's cold, though - 12-14c during the day, but as low as 4c at night.

I heard from a friend in the Hen House (seasonal photographic company) and there might be some work for seasonals in May/June. I am not back at the campsite ever again, hence being on the proofreading course and stretching our current budget to breaking point by not being available for work. So, any work from the Hatchery for a couple of months will be useful. If need be, I can put the course on hold and get some work done for dollah!
Tags: proofreading course level 4, work
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