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Lockdowns On Loop

May be an image of tree

This is me, in a forest, taking my lil' boat up the river of the Damned, just like every day in this Hellscape, pixel mirror, time dungeon that we are all in (thanks David Tennant).

* ahem *

Hello, lovely people. I was seriously hoping to make better progress on my proofreading course, but it has been dreadfully slow, due to the sluggish nature of yours truly. Have been apathetic since the beginning of March, where I need a metaphorical pointy stick to jab my ass out of bed and into a pre-covid normal state of dress. I mean, is ANYONE doing ok during lockdown? Reading other people's blogs 'n' vlogs, I realise that I am not the only one. Quite a few have struggled..oh, and the weight issues! My God - some guys who have been ripped and were previously pounding the street instead of the treadmill have now ground to a halt and are bemoaning the lack of gym access, drowning in beer and crisps. With an extra 'Yo! Surprise! An 35lb fat excess!" thrown in. Is anyone indeed thriving? Some are - although the artist Tracey Emin has had to undergo operations for cancer last year, she said that she has enjoyed the tranquility of lockdown, that she productive and got a lot done. Good for her. Personally, I have not.

Lockdown 1 wasn't so bad, though arguably more frightening because we didn't know what was going on, we were heading towards the spring and thinking that it could all be over in a fortnight. I thought::: I'm not exactly the most social of people, this will be great. Stay in and out of the firing line = sorted.Oh, my sweet summer child. It's one thing being a natural introvert; it's a totally other thing feeling like you have been cage for nigh on a year. Lockdown 2 was non-existent for me as I was working, seeing people and if I wasn't working, I was asleep or preparing for work.

Lockdown 3 has been shite with a capital SHY-EYE-TUH.

Arguably, it should have been MORE frightening with the variants and higher deaths and infection rate, but you do think, "Well, I got my gloves/mask/gel and it is winter - will I even notice the difference?"  ANDDD... the answer is, by God, YES!!! Trying to stay on track with semi-normal living has been difficult; work is nonexistent as so are welfare benefits, so money is tight. Trying to have a daily schedule is now challenging. When not working, I have to remind members of the family to NOT lounge around in dressing gowns all day and forget to brush their hair etc (Hubby and P2, I am looking at you). I am lucky that I haven't put on the token 2.5 stone, just a mere 5lb and I that's only because I have banned the lads from getting non-essential takeaways and restricted our shopping outings to once a week, with little junk on board. In fact, my weight has started to go down and I am pondering the very real thought that... weight reduction just lost body muscle and one day I will awake and just be a big jelly blob compound, oozing into the settee or mattress...

Most people got over their yoga-inspired workouts and their family bonding time with baked banana bread  and now just yearn to plonk their expanded lockdown asses in a vented cafe and eat a coffee and walnut cake that someone else made - actually, that's just me. It's harder work, because even if the roll out of the vaccines have been fairly quick, the reality is that most of us are still locked in the ForeverSundayXmas No Man's Land of our own making. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a deny-er, nor antivax (my reaction to the jab settled down after 18 days), I'm just like a bored dog, who has been left alone for a whole day and have responded by eating the sofa. Mind/Body dissonance - intellectually, you totally get why you are at home, but physically, emotionally and psychologically, you are barking at the window at every stranger that passes by.

Kids went back to school this Monday gone and things will open up a bit towards the end of March. April will see more things moving, but after Easter. just waiting for those warmer days, so I can at least just sit in the garden and wave over the fence at my neighbours (well, actually not - my next door neighbours to the right of me are non-existent as it is a holiday cottage and to the left of me is a boarding house of morons).

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