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It has been 17 days since my vaccination and * finally * the symptoms have calmed down. I know plenty of people who have had either the Pfizer or the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab with absolutely no side affects whatsoever. A few have had symptoms that lasted a couple of days - I wasn't one of them. My eyes are back to normal and the headaches have gone thankfully, but the whole experience has put me offline study-wise for the past couple of weeks. I am back to the PDF drawing board as my assignment during this time was not up to scratch and I needed time to recover and recalibrate.

Tomorrow, I will go through the brief with a fine tooth comb, sort out the finer details (think I am either 5 or 7 points adrift, so I need to address that), then I will resend. Who would've though that a nit picking course would be so nit picky?

Tags: oxfordastrazeneca vaccination, vids 2021

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