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Proofreading - Crash Course in Adobe

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In my Facebook newsfeed, I get all kinds of humourous and/or spiritual quotes. Some are very much like another, but it keeps me reading largely positive uploads. It can get a bit same-y, but I came across this quote the other day and I found myself pondering on this longer than I expected to. Quite a few people time tavel and keep themselves a prisoner of the past and I am no exception. Covid has taught us to 'live in the day', but perhaps now I have a clearer vision and I don't want to be permanently hijacked by either past or present anymore. There are a number of things I want to dispense with and a lot of it is digging over what happened and what should have happened. Basically, living hand to mouth in tinpot jobs has been de rigueur for a few years now and we all want out. My family understand that I will NOT go back to the holiday complex and we are stretching our budget thinly. I will find some work somewhere, but mostly, I want to sort out this proofreading malarky one way or another and become a sole trader. I have dragged my heels a little on this, but have decided that if I want to create a future of writing/proofreading/publishing/whatever, then I need to crack on with it. It didn't help that I have been offline with reaction to the vaccination, which has simmered down from flu symptons to a more manageable head cold (I feel like I have been simultaneously peppered sprayed then punched in the face); I also believe that if you have had symptoms like this, the more antibodies you have generated - hopefully!

I am good to go and am watching youtube Adobe how-to videos so I can suss this once and for all. Go me :-)

Tags: oxfordastrazeneca vaccination, proofreading course level 4
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