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Today's Earworm

I can thank Classic FM for this, though they didn't play the original like I am now. It's about this time of year that I have Japan's Tin Drum on loop, too. It celebrates its fortieth anniversary later this year - I remember hearing it for the first time in the spring of the following year, though and it reminds me of being fifteen years old, borrowing my friend's tape and literally playing it to death. It als reminds me of mist, daffodils and a light from a blue bulb in our bathroom that had been used in my mother's sanctuary. We had home-made water softeners in the form of lavender and oatmeal tied in the foot of an clean-but-old pair of laddered tights, which was then knotted, trimmed and used under a hot bath tap. Funny how you remember things.

I am still looking for corrections on my assignment brief and even though I have created pdfs, I am yet to find and feel comfortable with the icons. Send out for snacks - I might be gone for a very long time.
Tags: adobe, pdfs, proofreading course level 4, vids 2021

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