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Proofreading - Back to Basics Punctuation & Grammar

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To be honest, I knew most things about nouns, verbs etc. to me, that was largely junior school stuff. The sentence structure official word blah blah  was the one I was falling down on as I hadn't learnt it years ago. However, I still got a high 2:i three years ago, so the basic rules of SPaG must've been at work. There were a few things I had to learn in the first year; I am shocked that they are learning the technical term 'fronted adverbials' at KS2. I understand that kids have got to learn how sentence structure is everything, but...technical terms at that age? Really?

Back to work. More note taking, more reading-around-the-mulberry-bush.

I have information overload. I have been in copy and paste overdrive and some of it is making sense. I really need a shorthand form, so I can quickly check, rather than go through pages of stuff to get it to sink in. Tomorrow I will do some quizzes, look at the brief and see how it goes.

Actually, tomorrow is a big day - I had a message from NHS Direct this morning, informing me that I was in a higher category than they first thought and I am to get the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab tomorrow at 10:30. Not looking forward to it, but I will do anything to move forward. Bottom line is that I trust our scientists (Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty and his deputy Professor Jonathan Van Tam) more than our politicians.
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