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Crabby Crabby Cross Post

May be an image of text that says "Probably the most importánt thing I've learned is that if I don make the time to do the writing, the writing won't get done Judy Reeves QUART"

Quite cross, as I posted this in LiveJournal, only for it to refuse to post.  Hence the posting from Dreamwidth, which doesn't seem to like picture being loaded. Bottom line was that I have been able to pass my lesson two test and am on lesson three. Didn't score as well the first time round; first rule of a proofreading course is to READ THE QUESTIONS and realise that some of these questions have two marks because there are two answers rather than one. Lesson learnt.

What's the weather like where you are? It's hovering on -1c here (far south west UK), but has been colder at night and we've had ice right up to the back door. The Cornish are more used to horrendous gales and losing part, if not all, of their roof. Or in our case, a three foot chimney pot crashing through the flat roof of our kitchen. Or in another case, a 4x3ft piece of ceiling that dropped on my late father's side of the bed during a blackout.  He sat up, because he felt a sandy substance pour into his ear, then WHOOMPH - chaos. Over the last decade or so, we have seen less gales and more crispy morning and courtesy of 2018s 'Beast From the East', a few more instances of snow. We've had more flooding, too - possibly from the fact a lot of farm land has been sold on to housing developers.

Anyway, it's onwards with lesson 3 which is a 29 page document.  I will divide it into two documents, so I can staple the leaves together.  I will skim read most of it tonight and then put in the hours over the next few days.

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