Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

The Late Friday Five

Pinched from spikesgirl58

1) How is your year going so far?
Not so bad, considering.  I am more or less sheltering as so is my family.  Once a week shopping trips and working/furloughed at home.  I am out exercising on nicer days, but now the weather has turned from bright and absolutely freezing, to wet and muddy

2) Have you gotten vaccinated yet? If not, when do you think it's likely to happen?
There is abit of a fisticuffs between the Brits and the EU, which also includes Northern Ireland, so who knows when.  My age group is in May - I am in two minds but will most likely have the vaccine; hubby is not keen.

3) Are you bored or are you busy these days?
Not bored, but fairly unmotivated.  I am trying to do a course at the moment, but have been a bit sluggish about that.

4) Is this pandemic good or bad for your finances?
Dreadful, our finances are in terrible shape.

5) What are you missing most these days?
Prodigal 1, my sister and her family.  I miss not being wary of strangers, cafes with cake in it, driving around - anything that keeps you tied to a cottage.
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