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Proofreading Course: Lesson 1/Day 2

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Hubby took the desk yesterday, so I had to opt out of learning (he has his own office, but everything he needs is here.  That will have to change, soon).  Today, I have printed off important sections of the lesson 1 document and  have put it on the wall.  It's a visual aid that helped a lot when I was doing my degree; in due course, I will print off notes that I have gathered, which will go in my folder.  Time to go through the glossaries and the key pages - namely their preferred dictionary/ grammar & punctuation/style guide.

Well, I've had a look through all the recommended links and tomorrow, I will start on the assessment.  The first part is a badly written paragraph that has to be corrected, the other is a exercise online.  I think I might do some proofreding quizzes before I commit.
Tags: proofreading course level 4

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