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Proofreading Course: Lesson 1/Day 1

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So, I have finished printing off the prelimary stuff in the enrolment pack and affixed to my wall for future reference, like I did for my BA.  Procrastinating to the nth degree, which includes thanking my former lecturer, who suggested that I should do this.  Just need to find momentum.  Here goes.

I downloaded a thirty one page document and took notes.  I will have to lift some text out of the original document and print it off for the wall.  I have had to bookmark three grammar pages, several quiz pages and a directory of glossaries.  Head now exploded - it's clear that I have a LOT of background reading to do.  I have also discovered that the perfect place for reading is the porch as it has all day natural light.  Alas, it is currently being restored at a slow pace, but with be done sometime in the next few months, probably as the weather gets better.  I have got to read, reread and make sense of all of this, so I will be rechecking tomorrow on some of the stuff I need to extensively read up on..  Right now, I am  overloaded; it feels like there is too much in the In tray, but I think this will change when I break things down further and do some reading around.  Think I need to have a schedule going too, or this will not get done as well as I would hope.  Back later to print off stuff, then tomorrow, I will start looking into these webpages.  I want to get this right before I upload anything more. like the details of the assignment.
Tags: proofreading course level 4
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