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Proofreading Course - It Begins!

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We purchased the course Sunday night and I took a prelimary scan through it.  Even though I knew what I was signing up for, I kind of lost my nerve a bit.  I think it was seeing the Moodle platform for the Colege of Media and Publishing and basically I bottled.  Yesterday, I was a bit under the weather, so I wrapped up warm, sat on my duff in the front room and avoided the computer.  Some of the symptoms were legit (grumbling gall bladder), but most of it was psychosomatic.  A lot of it is that I haven't been doing anything remotely academic for three and a half years, plus I was labouring under the totally false premise that post degree, I would be certain not only of work, but the work being something that would use the talents I had accrued in said degree.  That turned out to be wrong.  Economic downturn and age discrimination saw off any attempt of office work - they want under twenty five office juniors to bully train up, so they can give them below minimum wage.  They are not going to give it to a forty plus first timer.  What is shocking is that originally, office workers used to be paid quite a bit over minimum wage.  Not now it seems - they are on a wage not too much similar than the slave wage minimum set here in the UK, office juniors even less.  Ridiculous - if the you think how much money is spent training yourself to a high standard, you don't expect to yield niet/nada results.

You also don't expect to be screened out by the email scanning machine, who won't let you past the first post without the key words inserted (perhaps I should put the phrase RUSSELL GROUP in white font, so the door swings wide), even for the most scummiest of jobs.  Scummy is the new black.  It appears now that jobs that were thin on the ground before are even more difficult to seek out today in this poxy Covid world. Work is now a luxury and we're not even POST Covid, yet.  I'm not on Universal Credit because hubby earns a meagre wage and Prodigal 2 is on furlough.  As I said in my previous post on this, I am not that keen to join the keyworker front line, though I might have to in order to get the bunce money we need to bridge that gap, though I'm not going back to Camp Hellhole again - EVER.  Freelance proofreader - sole trader seems to be a real positive step, but here I am again, stalling.  Then I thought - how can I change this?

The office is in better order than it was a couple of days ago and I decided to set it up as I used to have it in those heady BA English study days of yesteryear.  I have Classic FM playing, a candle burning, a steaming hot cup of peppermint tea.  I have even got the same jade pendant on that I used to wear during my degree years - almost tapping into my inner coach, here.  I am one step away from pinching my nose and repositioning my feet, like I'm taking my first shot.  Prodigal 2 stepped into the office and said "My God, have I just stepped into 2015/", but was pleasently surprised to see me plunking away at the keyboard.  Also, I am going back to logging my academic angst online via my LiveJournal account - so hey guys, I'm back! Cue internal screaming.  Ah well, hopefully I can ease myself into this slowly.  Here goes - wish me luck.

Something I don't miss from my degree days - wrestling with Microsoft Office 365!

O.K, so there's a lot of prelim stuff to read through.  I downloaded the proofreading package and it's clear that some of it has to be printed out for my wall - same as through my degree.  That's fine.  Personally, I am glad that this is a course that I can do at my leisure, though there are a few thinsg that will be timed.  Initially, I was worried that I was a bit long in the tooth to keep starting to what feels like scratch, but to my delight 1) I am not starting from scratch and 2) i feel like I have gone into my academic stride again.  Bookworm Version 2.0.  With quite a lot of rearrangment of furniture and a whole lot of AM-BEE-YONSE, I feel far better.  Might be back latter this evening, just attending my pie and chips for now :-D
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