Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

End of the Year Show - Question 25

Sniff, and a Memory Is Evoked: The Emotional Might of the Nose - The New  York Times

25. What odd smell do you really enjoy?

Smells evoke powerful memories.  As a kid, I loved the smell of local council spring preparations in suburbia; grass cuttings and morning mist, creosoted fences, tar barrels bubbling by the striped tents of roadworkers, chalk washed rubber plimsolls. I still like the smell of these things, plus I have added bleach-burnt fabric, red-wine-and-vanilla smell of old books, newly-shaved pencils, gunpowder smoke and clove oil to the collection. 

My tastes have tamed a bit as I grow older - these days, it’s ozone-fresh saline on baked seaweed and greenhouse tomatoes.  Hardly rock 'n roll.

Tags: vids 2020

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