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End of the Year Show - Question 23

23. How do you make yourself sleep when you can’t seem to get to sleep?

I was having a real problem with insomnia when we were released from lockdown in the summer.  Faced with troublesome holidaymakers and irate bosses, who wanted to have their pound of flesh, I was hollow-eyed and anxious.  After a chat with a therapist, I agreed to dispense with my mobile after 9pm, make a warm drink, have warm mood lighting and put an audiobook on repeat.  Plus, because I would have obsessive thoughts, I replaced them with a slowed down version of ‘Strawberry Fields’(Candy Flip version above) slowing it down more and more in my mind.

Giving up my job with corp
orate bastard bosses helped, too.

Tags: 30 questions 2020, vids 2020

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