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End of the Year Show - Question 18

Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. YouTube Music: Which is best for your  hard-earned cash?

18. What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for a music recommendation?

I am going to show my age a tad here, but I go with the following;

Artist: Gary Numan as I have loved his stuff, even when members of the press and UK public did not.

Then: Gary Numan - This Wreackage

Now(ish): Gary Numan - My Name is Ruin

Artists: Depeche Mode, because I am a hardcore fan and when the UK press didn’t take to them long term, they made it in the States - hahaha.  Plus Dave Gahan is my Elvis from Essex, who is one of those rare individuals that gets better with age.

Then: Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

Now(ish): Depeche Mode - Cover Me

2020 Bonus - This year, da Mode have *finally* gotten into the rock 'n roll Hall of Fame.

Honourable Mention: Massive Attack, because they have an interestingly layered sound (albeit sampled from other people’s work). 

Then: Massive Attack, Feat. Tracey Thorn - Protection

Now(ish): Massive Attack, Feat. Ghost Poet - Come Near Me

Ditto Tricky, who has shared history with M/A and has a similar approach to layering.

Then:  Tricky - Overcome

Now(ish): Tricky - I'm Ready

Tags: 30 questions 2020, depeche mode, gary numan, massive attack, tricky.

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