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30 Questions - Question 13

When Johnny Met Tim: Burton, Depp, and the Limits of the Muse

13. What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now?

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  I don't know exactly what went wrong, here.  Both had 'outsider status'. both had a slightly dark side, but both were inventive, imaginative and the relationship soon earned them a cult following.  It's all gone down hill since Burton split with his long-term love Helena Bonham Carter and Depp parted ways with Vanessa Paradis. Burton hasn't made a decent film since the first Alice in Wonderland and Depp has been portrayed as an out-of-control alco-junkie, alongside his equally-violent, piece-of-work former wife, Amber Heard.  Not wanted to slur his way through yet another excruciating Pirates of the Caribbean, nor returning on the set of the already-doomed 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise (JKR is another cool person who has become radically uncool in the past 10 years.  Hers, however, was because of her untimely comments about thr LGBTQ+ world.  Prejudice, much).  Burton wants to cast Depp as Gomez Addams on a new film of Addams Family.  Sheesh!

I really liked Burton, I researched him thoroughly as an auteur in my film module of my degree nearly five years ago.  Yet, for some reason, they have both had real problems reaching out to old and new fans alike.  Nobody played the film Gomez as well as the late Raul Julia - even Tim Curry (whom I adore) didn't come up to scratch in the abombnable Addams 3.  Depp as Addams? This will be the flop to end all flops.  Guys, take a breather and rethink your brand.
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