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End of the Year Show - Question 5

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Converse chucks. I know they have a long history but they’;ve never really been out. I am a child of the seventies/teen of the eighties and always wanted a pair. All the cool, slightly edgy kids had them and I wanted to follow suit. Alas, it wasn’t to be, but that all changed when I earned money thus having autonomy over what I wore. I wore them continually in my twenties and thirties until age and weight made them too uncomfortable to wear (walk of a mile in Chucks is about six miles in a standard pair of shoes. My arches never forgave me). I have fond history of them, too. I bought my first pair in a sale because they had been damaged - originally pink, now bleached almost white by shop window sun. I took them home and customised them lime green and purple, which was not at all hideous and far funkier than they sound. Another pair was worn to the limit and was fairly thrashed when I took up gig rowing in the early nineties. Countless soakings in the sea gave them a marine odour so bad, I had to open my bedroom window and let them dry au naturelle on the porch.  My last pair was so well worn that they went from navy to the finest powder blue. I wore them exclusively when I went to China in 2007 - I didn’t intend to - my reefs (flip flop style sandals) were so shiny and worn, I had slipped A over T in Beijing’s Forbidden City and landed on the moon so to speak. I have a photo of the bruises and of me on a sampan gliding up the Yangtze, boots affix to the slats. Prodigal 2 has bought me a pair, which I will need to lose weight and buy a set of insoles for. They have a natty lil zip in the back, but I was worried that I would look like mutton dressed as, so to speak.  P2 was reassuring – “Mum, I wouldn’t worry, pensioners wear them as well as geeky kids. So that’s ok then.

Edit ::: It was brought to my attention that something was wrong with this entry - I checked to find that LJ had thrown a loop and written everything in HTML code.  Obviously not a chucks fan.

Thanks to Jonny crookedfingers
Tags: 30 questions 2020

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