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End of the Year Show - Question 2

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2. What’s something you really resent paying for?

Disclaimer::: I am not going to be drawn into arguments of whether you think Covid is real or not, I am just refering to UK law and the implications of having to abide by it.

Once upon a time it was tax on female sanitary protection and the increased charges on parking spaces (shifts uneasily that the images these ideas conjour), this year for obvious reasons, it's paper masks and hand gel.  I will pay good money for decent masks (and indeed have done so) that offer more protection than a mere t-shirt, but I be damned if I'm paying out for flimsy masks that don't do the job long-term and are one use only.  I have had to gingerly pick these up these discarded objects all over the campsite and have been a bugbear for many a person in hospitality.  My answer (other than quit breathing altogether)?  Get decent thck washable ones that last and that you can wear round your neck, so they are easily located if you need to go into an enclosed space.  Re gel, make it as inexpensive as the cheapest soap.  Not be as expensive as champagne per fluid ounce (or indeed, ink in printer cartridges).

Ditto emergency tests - basically anything Covid related.

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