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End of the Year Show - Question 1

Turkey And Ham Sandwich With Raspberry Jam recipe by H O L L Y L O F T H O  U S E | The Feedfeed

1. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

Vegetarians look away now...

One very early morning (around 05:00) a few years ago, I was conscious of turning on the kitchen light, lest it would wake Prodigal 2, as his window overlooks the kitchen.  Alongside my breakfast, I had to make my sandwiches for work.   As it happens, the posh chutney I was going to have in my sliced meat sandwich was shacked up with my even posher blackcurrant conserve.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered the delights of ham and jam sandwich.  Now, I have had brie and cranberry and other such delights, but this was unexpectedly nice, as the ham was quite smoky and it tasted really good.  Plus...many years ago, at a children's party, I found that the chocolate biscuit fingers tasted better when eaten alongside sausage on a stick.  A precursor to the salted chocolate brands we have now, I suppose.

P2 likes custard and potato together, which to me is plain weird.  One of the oddest sandwiches I have heard of was the beetroot and cream cheese sandwich that the late Terry Pratchett mentions in his Discworl book 'Unseen Academicals' <------ as a biggish not-so-side note, this book has been my go-to book to listen to since lockdown began.  Not because it is boring, but because Stephen Briggs' narration has been friendly and reassuring during these current Covid times.  In fact, Sam Vimes banishing the Dark Mark (otherwise known as the Summoning Dark) in Thud! is another.  I digress from the weird food original question, but bearing in mind the content of this post, maybe just as well.

Oh, and as my father found out, do not make stew with Guinness in it.  Or indeed as it turns out, Guinness with a hint of stew.

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