November 9th, 2021

NaNoWriMo 2021 - Day 6-9

May be an image of book and text
I have gone a shade over the 17,000 mark and have a few words in the bank tomorrow, I'm pleased to say. It is bilge and I am saying that because it will not be rubbish when I have finished 'WriMo and then I can have a chance to carve it in to shape and colour it in. Like I have said, this is a plot that is quite complicated and has grown a lot in the passed three years - some of it was from back in 1998! The dreams and experiences of the author go way back further than that and is right there in the mix.

It is all stored in the noggin and each time I have come back to it, I have elaborated and added things more and more - in my mind. Right now, all I'm doing is the time line to the plot, which is at best fractured, but does make sense - that's without actually writing more than scant detail - and I tell you, I think that 50,000 words will barely break the surface. A lot of this is the narrator, also protagonist, is telling the story of the author, not the other way round. A bit like Mrs Dalloway Meets Alice in Wonderland backwards.

This project is huge and I am enjoying just typing and without block, the world has gone away, the hours whizzed past. I'm in a zone where poverty, covid, and heart problems don't feature.