September 8th, 2021

The Apple Tree Chronicles - Holy/Other

Covid times has seen a few things change regarding whom you thought were important people in your life and who indeed becomes more important, especially when you are a frustrated writer looking for fresh ideas. As we have a spacious back garden with plenty of shade, we are able to have interesting chats with various now-even-closer friends around the table under our apple tree. One friend (AW) recited Tennyson and discussed its many layered meanings (see a previous post on this). He has retold several stories from his past that has raised an eyebrow; yesterday, he told me about an event, that I hadn't realised was about his very-near-death experience, until nearly half way through the story.

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I know that the next conversation I will have with him will be interesting...

Me: *hand creeps up*

He: Yes, you at the back...

Me: *puts hand down* I have some questions....what the actual fuck? How did you get back on the beach? You told me some of what you saw - can you remember any of the other hallucinations?

AW knows I am a writer/copyeditor/proofreader and there is no way that I would want to write a script, but my God, I want to write about this in full! This is a fricken gift! I will keep the narrative voice, because I know it well, but I want to run with this. I will discuss it with him first, but oh wow!

*toddles of to read Homer's The Odyssey and reacquaint myself with Joyce's Ulysses*

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