June 8th, 2021

BoJo and the Circus Come to Town

I have decided to post the official G7 blah blah HERE, because why waste precious pixels on stuff that's already been succinctly done?

We're a small holiday resort that is having so much shoved into it, it's full to bursting.  We have 10 ft steel fences erected, 7,000+ police and more military. We have warships in the bay. Flyovers between Newquay airport and St Ives will be closed as so will most of the roads between Lelant and St Ives. There will be checkpoints all the way through and 2 forms of ID are required if you want to go anywhere, even on foot. And don't talk to me about Cornwall's supposed 'green hotspot' - with all of the carbon footprint that this soiree has generated? With Seakings, Chinooks, war ships, umpteen vans, lorries, outriders and other personel passing the door. There are other things afoot, such as the very real threat of terrorist strikes,weaponry sequestered in various places. The financial cost is staggering

In regards to the destruction of Carbis Bay to host this circus, I suggest you watch the video on it HERE
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Two weeks ago, we had the police out to gum our drain covers and water pipe slots down - the were back today and will be securing my gas meter. Glad to see they are taking many precautions, but we are already sick and tired of it and it's only Tuesday. Our manic neighbour has all of the G7 represented flags out, journalists are already been here and there are demonstrators on the march, which includes Extinction Rebellion. Hospitals have cleared a few of their wards just in case.

What the DAILY MAIL has to say.


I will post photos when I can.