May 11th, 2021

Can't Brain Now, I Have The Dumb

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Wonsook Kim - Afloat in the Light (2014)

I have been rather busy as of late. I compiled a 33 slide PowerPoint presentation - NOT as a PP (good Lord, it really WOULD be 'Death By PowerPoint'), but as a flip book for a student who wants to do an FdA English Studies degree at my first alma mater. We can't meet in the flesh, or ZOOM for whatever reason, but she wanted an email as to the kind of topics, workload and reflections of the time. It took me a while -  spread over a few weeks, it has to be said, but I managed to pack in more details for her than simply emailing her. I also have emailed my former tutor, too - so can see what I was aiming at. It's a little patchy in places, as I didn't have the original FdA 1&2 handbooks in pc format anymore, so fudged some. It was cheerily informal in any case - if it was meant to be a proper PP, then I would've rattled more sabres for information.

I have moved on with the proofreading course, trying to put the finishing touches to an ebook assignment that had to go through 3 stages - points 1-4 were to be proofread only, points 5-8 were to be proofread and line-edited (light editing for the uninitiated) and finally points 8-10 to be heavily edited and in some cases, magicked up totally out of thin air to complete the narrative. Bar formatting, every step of the way has got to be justified, either by the brief, the Big Book of Grammar (BBG) or Guardian Style Guide (GSG). T say that "their writing is just s**t" won't cut it.

I thought I might have finished this assignment today, but as it is meant to be British-English for a global market, I have to also pick out English neologisms that overseas markets might not be familiar with, or even references to certain Brit publications (e.g. FHM and SAGA magazines are VERY different magazines, but would anyone outside the UK know of these publications?). Even 'language' (Collins - a voiced or written 'system of communication')  and 'language' (Collins -  'style [and register] of writing') are coined in two different ways. If you are not familiar with certain publications, you can be forgiven for thinking that The Guardian and The Sun newspapers are two totally different 'spoken languages,' rather than two different styles and/or registers. I hope to get better at this, and I am, but it is a slow process, because you are marked on precision, eye for detail and a whole new system of learning.

I have to speed up a little, because I emailed the Hen House last week, to find that the seasonals will be back in demand, soon and my former boss is, quote "quite chuffed" that I am available for this season. I've not worked late spring/early summer there before and most of it is entire class or graduate photos - some with 'specialist' mounts. Hope this is fairly soon and lasts a little while, as we are strapped for cash and Bingley the Grey needs his teeth done at the vet's in a week from now. Because the proofreading course can be done in my own time, I can either fit it around the job, or I can defer for a couple of months, then finish it before the summer season reaches its height.

It is 23:02 here and I can barely keep my eyes open. I have been on it since 1 this afternoon and bar dinner, I haven't really taken a break. Points for tomorrow are as follows: a) Print the original and go through it line by line, so I haven't missed anything; b) Rewrite for concise wording (using proper terms such as 'countable nouns,' 'lowercase bold' etc); c) Check that it actually makes sense and simplify if not; d) Justify everything (BBG, Collins, GSG); e) Check the numbered texts are actually in the right order; f) Question why that they closing comment isn't actually in the beginning and say why you adjusted the text accordingly to fit the end instead; g) Cry into pillow; h) Upload to Moodle platform.

Not that this is of any interest to anyone other than me, but I do find that blogging my day's work helps me stay on track.