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A Week Later

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I left my job a week ago; right now I think we have enough funds for a month. wihich is a relief.  I have had my anxious and agitated swings, especially as my boss texts me now and again - think she misses me.  That place scoured me out on so many levels, but I have had some distance and feel a bit better now. You can't be retrospective and debriefed until time has past - closure happens when you don't feel that the situation feels still 'live'.

Spending  lot of my time trying to catch up on household maintenance(hubby outside/self inside).  Long overdue and our bedroom looks a hell of a lot better than it was, plus I have a place to do some artwork.  I managed to make an unusual autumn scene with rust+white vinegar, black tea and a black ink pen.  Really pleased with it, especially as son and Hubby were quite spontaneously complimentary about it.  Have put many more things up, like the Hamlet artefact I made 7 years ago, my degree certificate and my Discworld memorabilia.  Amazing how these things start to make you feel better.  The weather outside is fearful, in the tail of Storm Alex, I believe.

A long winter ahead, but I think I will have to put certain things into place to stop the depressive slide as displayed by recent past LJ entries.  Hopefully, brighter times ahead :-)
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