November 21st, 2020

Je Ne Regrette Rien

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Covid has made this year so very tumultuous.  At the very worst end - deaths in their hundreds of thousands all over the world, long-term infections either created by C19 or pre-existing conditions worsened by it.  Loved ones separated, livelihoods lost, dreadful judgments of leadership in more than one country- the list goes on.  At the better end, a huge overhaul in the way we see things.  I am not a hugely social person for a number of reasons, but I miss family and friends a lot.  I think I have seen my sister a handful of times (she has longtail Covid and is battling to keep her health on track), my eldest son about twice, though I hear from him most evenings which is good.  There are several personal friends (mine, specifically rather than Hubby's/Mine) that I feel that contact is slowly being more and more lost, not helped by the fact I am working shifts in the Henhouse (photo lab).  This second lockdown is a lot more different for me, as I am working and therefore not stuck at home anxiously watching the numbers rack up.  I wasn't one for a lot of shopping in my case, but as I am working shifts and Hubby only works a couple of days a week, he does the shopping - as he has done in previous years when I have been working at HH.  Therefore, I haven't noticed the change much, especially since I am still masking/gelling/distancing as usual.  It only makes a difference when I need to see a doctor about non-Covid things or the dentist, that things can get a bit convoluted.

Re Henhouse, I am finding that place really chill at the moment.  I am listening to a LOT of Spotify, finding new music all the time, alternating that between that and Audible.  Have gotten through two Jeanette Winterson's, just downloaded The Miniaturist and am trying to make sense of The Master & Margarita - not sure I get the hang of Russian satire, but it is a most interesting listen and narrated by Julian Rhind Tutt (AKA Mac from the Green Wing), which always helps.  I hopefully have a month left, the papermill keeps churning, so it looks hopeful.

Re overhaul in thinking - I have been doing some abstract art, depicting post-autumn trees and using unconventional materials (black tea, rust, vinegar).  Lately, I have been looking at scrapbook journaling since my sister bought me a book about it for my birthday this year.  I have been partially doing a scrapbook journal since July, though it did get a bit angry and angsty Grime Gurl journal when I was at my most keyed up - at the HellHole Holiday Camp (remind me never to go there again).  Lockdown had also brought me round to following YouTubers with scrapbook and collage channels.  I think this is what I am flying with at the moment.  I am still watching Mudlarkers and if I haven't mentioned it before, I love Lara Maiklem's Mudlarking.  It's even better on Audible as the author herself reads it.  Plus Joolz Guides still makes me smile.

So, what will happen for Christmas? Who knows - personally, it will be low key and hope for better times, rather than see people and see the illness rates soar.  I just want to get through to March with family and friends unscathed, then see what things look like then.  I have re=subscribed to the Writer's Magazine and a couple of other creative publications, so I have some hope.

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