September 2nd, 2020

Hello September

Tomorrow, I hand in my notice and will leave on September 25th. This cannot come soon enough. In retail, you usually have a minute max with the customers, then they are on their way. Not anymore. In a small shop, it is about crowd control, asking people to wear masks, explaining that adequate cover means mask/shield/bandana/scarf and no, that does not mean lift your t-shirt to your face. I am not allowed to serve you without a covering, unless you have a lanyard or exemption cert. No, I know that the law is delightfully fluffy on this issue and that I can't make you, but it is the shop's policy and if I don't ask you for your mask or proof, I get yelled at down the phone from my asshole boss, who wants to know WHY you didn't confront the guy with no mask on. If you don't have a valid readon to not have your covering, I can't serve you.

Most people are ok, but at least a handful of times on my shift, I've been shouted at, sworn at and even had a teenage girl throw her groceries at me once. Trying to do this while remaining pleasent in front of other people is so draining.

I have gone from tolerating people patiently to stopping short of openly despising them. 'I didn't come to Cornwall for this - I came to escape from all of that.' Like Cornwall is Fairy Land, like no one here gets diseases or dies. Or that holidaymakers don't miraculously give Covid to the locals, because we're all magic, dontchya know.

Problem is, I'm not sure whether the Hen House (photographic lab) is taking on seasonal staff, so I am making myself voluntarily jobless until the next crummy job comes along.