June 28th, 2020

Burning Up

I haven't want to write anything for so long, but over the past 5 weeks, more and more ideas are popping into my head.  Last year, we got a new pc which was a bit of a shock to the system as our last one was 10 years old and out of touch.  I * kinda * got my head around the new set up and made the mistake of walking away from it.  Now it appears if I want to write anything, I need a password to Microsoft Edge and a whole host of updates.  I have been promptly been locked out and right now seriously trying NOT to trash my keyboard.  This is because all of my passwords are on my old machine and Hubby decided not to let me upload the paswords to the new pc in case we were hacked and all of my passwords on a document which is helpfully named will be used.  Hubby is absent - I am now crabby as fuck, trying to calm down.  I was going to type until I had to stop, I have * so much * going on upstairs.  Not Hubby's fault exactly, but all of my stuff being on another machine has really wound me up for some reason.  I was gonna write fricken REAMS just as notes, let alone write the whole thing out.  I would've probably burn through it NaNoWriMo style.

Like when did I suddenly get out of touch?

I'm talking so fired up to write - I haven't slept properly in 14 weeks.  The whole sleeping pattern is against the wall.  I was thinking maybe if I can't hack writing via micro office, I might just write on AO3 and keep it hidden (it's not even a fanfic I'm writing, its something that has been churning up for 20 years, even if it was in note-form and very changeable).

Do any other writers on here make up alternative worlds inside heads?  Mine is now chocka full.  I had made more of an inner world since 2018 whilst I was packing at the photographic company, but since lockdown - bam.  I have Pinterest boards full of ideas.  I have Spotify full of different songs. Go to start to write and I am shut out,


Ahem, sorry.  I will put this on the backburner until tomorrow