December 20th, 2019

30 Questions - Day 20

20. Do You Ever Want To Just Walk Away From Technology?
Yes, but regrettably, society has made sure that we are firmly embedded within it, or we can't bank or make a living without it, even if we go off grid. Technology does have a bad rap sometimes, mostly down to it's misuse and none more so than in the political arena.  It has polarised people into camps that were practically unthinkable and it does make you stop to think 'exactly what garbage am I being fed here?' and 'just who is behind these throw away, bullet-ponted opinions?'  Yet technolgy has united people of whom would never have found each other if it wasn't for the net. I sit, divided.

There has been a lot made by the concept of ASMR at the moment (which I must be doing wrong as I don't feel a thrill, but do feel relaxed and want to sleep).  There are good ones from Miracle Forest amongs others, but largely it is down to ambient noise that doesn't demand that you entertain yet another nugget of news stream information - i.e. just chillin' like we used to in the old days before SMART phones were a thing.  Want to know an ironic thing?  I was looking for an ASMR ambient sound on YouTube last night and then a flood from upstairs poured through the ceiling and down onto our fuse box.  I was forced to light candles and listen to the westcountry wind and rain.  From Virtual to Actuality. Very difficult to be chilled when ASMR is forced upon you, as you wait with anxious agitation.

Meanwhile, above is a nice snow scene with crunchy snow.  Enjoy.