September 18th, 2019

The Last Few Days

Right now, I really could do with solo head space in a random bookshop in an unknown place.  TBH, I am having a relaxing few days, tomorrow is the last official day off before I go back to work, which will be last four days before the end of my season.  I have then got a week off and (dare I say it) hopefully, I am back in the henhouse.  I need the money as we all do, to survive.  Today has been fairly productive - I have partially blitzed the office, I just need Hubby to take his crap out so I can sort out the rest.  Blasting through with the help of Spotify, which always helps.  I have bought two birthday cards for two friends, one of which is my little goth hairdresser who is back to work after a lengthy absense due to her cancer treatment. I will he getting a haircut tomorrow and will be out with my camera. I have exchanged my practically dead Sony Xperia X for a refurb Samsung S7 - the camera sucks,so perhaps it is time to go back to the big gurl camera again.

I am still borrowing one of my mechanic's cars as my car broke down for the fifth time and he has to sort it and road test it for a week before he gives it back to me.  I just wonder if it is all worth it, or whether I should just  bin it and start again - I am then reminded just how long it took me to get the one I already have (7 weeks).  Plus, Mike and I have a long association and is doing this mostly off of his own back, bless him.  I really hope he experiences the same problem, but iis unscathed in the process.  He must be sick to bloody death with this car.

I know I am  :-/