May 7th, 2019

AO3 - Chapter Three Beckons

Image result for "checkmate" the prisoner

I have the couple of days off and I was going to go out with my camera, however, since uploading The Cruellest Month  I have had ideas percolating in my mind.  I have started chapter three of Project Red Iron and the chapter is set eighteen years later to 1985.  One of the young inmates of The Village is now a thirty year old woman and is experiencing disturbing flashbacks that she cannot qualify.  She agress to see a psychiatrist in order to unravel the memories of her hazy childhood recollections.  The title will be called Lavender's Blue, but the opening to the scene will be Erik Satie's Gnossienne n°1 Cristal Baschet. As previously discussed, I had some reservations on fanfiction, but seeing Joanna Harris' point of view on this, I feel ok in writing in this genre and will build on this structure to hone my writing skills.  I need the practice and to familiar with thr creative writing process beyond the standars 2,000 for assignments (or short flash fiction of 50-500 words).

It feels so good to be creating anything again.  Protective of it, too.

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