April 11th, 2019

2,200 Words Later

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Thanks to the kudos left on my fanfic on AO3 (please see yesterday's post), I have written over 2,200 words in the past 24 hours.  Half of it has been fanfic, the other half for the Writers' Ink group that I attend once a fortnight.  The word they are using to generate a story is the word 'Icon.' Initially, I was flummoxed as to what to write, then inspiration struck when I recalled how my cat broke my late mother's 'Sacred Heart of Jesus' statue. Words just spilled forth (not just cuss words, also a lot of other points of view). I haven't written like this for over eighteen months.  I am so pleased.  You see, us writers don't need a lot of fluffing and fawning over, just the odd crumb now and again.  Of course fluffing/fawning are nice too, especially accompanied by cake.

Cake's always good :-)