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Five Days Left

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Sorry for being absent, but was pressured into more work as per the August bank holiday and further late bookings that have boosted the holiday foot traffic in my job. I have been asked to stay, but I have found it unbearable ands as I have said in previous entries, I am leaving in 5 days time. My immediate boss was ok, the main boss has done nothing but pressure and quibble. The sad thing is, we all work well together (shop, holiday park et al.), but we have all experienced our collars felt and many have quit even before the summer ended.

I do not have any work to go to as my usual seasonal job until Xmas is with a nationwide school photographic company, who do not know whether indeed they will have a season because of the changing nature of our current Covid situation. I am living in precarious times (as are we all), but I was bringing home the bulk of the finances. Hubby has a job which is 2 days per week max and my son's job at the local pub hangs in the balance, again due to Covid.

I do rather feel I am going from the frying pan into the fire, but believe me when I say that the strain I was under was phenomenal and can only properly appreciate this as a) the season is still busy, but doable b) I am leaving in any case. My next hurdle will be trying to find jobs.

Wish me luck.
Tags: covid19, holidays, work

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