December 28th, 2018

50 Day Question Challenge 2018 - Day 47

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47. Has another’s pain ever given you joy? Be totally honest.
Plenty of times, because I am a deplorable human being.  Specifically, it is if I am getting the flak for something that wasn't my fault and just was compensating for other people's bad behaviour and getting stitched for it.  If either of the other parties (the blamer and the original perpetrator) fall flat on their face, then yeah - they had it coming.

Sheppy is Dead

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My car, Sheppy and I had an accident, thanks to a garden spider that dangled from the roof of my car, an inch in front of my nose. A split second batting it away caused a glancing blow to an Audi TT, causing it to be seriously damaged and for mine to be written off.  My wheels are pointing in different directions, quoted as having £1,200 worth of damage to a car worth £400.  Three guys managed to bunny hop it 4 ft to the left, to get it out of the traffic.  Watched uncomfortably as the front left side passenger wheel bucked and died under the pressure of being winched onto the tow truck.

Aforementioned spider was found lodged in my scarf, so I put it on a wall, only to find more in my hair.  Think Mama must have crawled in and had babies, to my cost.  Money spiders - my fat, car-less ass!