December 6th, 2018

Sunrise Over the Hen House

By the time that the sun dares to show its face, I have been awake for 3 and 1/2 hours.  Until recently, this scene greeted me every morning after being at work for 2 hours.  My idea of solace is to share my apple with the jackdaws and watch it peek over the horizon.  Alas, this was taken a few days ago and right now, I am lucky to see any sunlight.  Mostly, it is bottle blue and raining.

A year ago today, I wrote that I was 'done with the overtime' and that I was' hopeful that I could stop having crying fits'.  Ironically, I nearly had the same day repeat itself and in exactly the same job.  This time, I wasn't near to tears, but probably one duff box of school photos away from having a full on temper strop.  I think we are all in the same position.  Most of us do some form of overtime.  I put in a fifty hour week; some do sixty and more, if there is overtime at the weekend.  We are all incrementally more tired, in a way that just having a good night's sleep wouldn't cut it. I am having problems with low blood sugar and adrenaline surges that leave me antsy and wide awake - which is exactly what I DON'T need right now.  The work load has really ratchetted up now - blue boxes as far as the eye can see, loading bays filled to overflowing.  Tempers frayed. However, most are still full of good will, but are shattered.  I have gone from listening to hard-edge krautrock to crying at Xmas adverts LOL - such is the level of tiredness.  Noticably, eveyone breaks out their earphones when Mariah Carey starts singing.

Tomorrow, we will be given our notice, which will be up this time next week.  We will be invited back on a daily basis, as long as there is work to be processed.  I think I will be leaving around the 18th, so I have to keep on an even keel til then.  Bills need paying, cars need MOT and servicing (mines done - hubby's is next) and we have to get the gas service engineer guy out as our stove is on the blink.  On top of Xmas.

This one by Kylie Minogue has been on loop on Radio 2.  You're welcome.