November 23rd, 2018

50 Day Question Challenge 2018 - Day 12

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12. Did you ever write a journal?
Well, this is a form of journal - though I rarely write anything in this that would be case-sensitive anyway.  I kept a journal until six years ago, then I shredded them all - about thirty years worth.  It took me three days.  I had kept most of them in the attic and was about to go into hospital.  I wasn't so sure how that would turn out and I didn't want my nearest/dearest reading them.  It was a curiously liberating experience.  I now use a dictaphone tha is not connected to the internet and I find that FAR more useful :-)

Before You Snap

Well, we are at full tilt at my works, trying to get the school photos out before Xmas. My only sanctity has been music and right now, Spotify has been my saviour. Not that I approve of algorithms dictating the new music streamed to the individual, based on their previous tastes.  Right now, it's been spot on and saves me time scrutinising Youtube for something different, or less 2018 bloody generic.  It gave me this and I heartily thank them.  Does sound a little bit like a satanic icecream van, but even so. This pic reminds me of Prodigal 2, though it's been a while since he has had hair that long.

I also love the words, too - dialogue between Daryl Van Horne and Alexandra Medford (Jack Nicholson/Cher in Witches of Eastwick) before he seduces her fully. Intense much for my teenage self. Still, gotta love that film :-)

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