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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

RMB: Bad Lip Reading - Seagulls (Stop It Now)

Sing along now - 'Seagulls gunna come/And poke me in the coconut/And they did...'

Image may contain: food

Poached on toast, with tomato ketchup.  I have found out to my cost that I detest Eggs Benedict - sorry guys, makes me urge.

In Memory of Bardcat (Jeff Blake) - 1947-2018

For those who remember bardcat who used to write so eloquently on the subject of spirituality and grace - Jeff left LiveJournal a while ago, but maintained a net presence on Facebook. Alas, he had been ill in recent years and passed away today. A note from Jeff's son as follows:

Hi all. This is Jeff’s son, Stephen. Dad wanted me to let y’all know when the time came. He passed peacefully this morning a little after 5:00. He so loved his time spent here, with us and with you all, and he soaked up every bit of love and joy, and of course grace, but I believe he was ready to go “home”. He was truly at peace with what he knew would be his end on this side. I am thankful that he will suffer no more, his earthly wounds have been healed, and I know we will see him again. Love to all.

I responded with the following;

Dear Stephen - so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved father. I was one of his LiveJournal contacts. We were kind of pen pals - I first heard from him when I quoted a William Blake poem and he responded. He was a very inspirational writer and I loved his work. I regret not having the pleasure of meeting him, but like others here, he enriched our lives with his presence. I will always remember him surrounded in sunflowers and having a soft spot for Snoopy, as well as his wonderful work on Grace Street. My thoughts are with you and your family and friends at this time - God bless.

I mourn the passing of my friend - but I am pleased that he passed peacefully surrounded by his family and friends. God bless you, Jeff - arriving at your final destination on 'Grace Street'.