October 7th, 2017

Book Mountain Clear Out - Day 3

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I am on day three of my book mountain clear out.  I have got rid of 70 books to charity shops and let me tell you, I have barely made a dent in my collection.  I dream of having a place that has a huge room with built-in bookshelves.  I have cleared a lot of books to the upstairs middle bedroom, which Hubby will sort out some time over the weekend.  The rest are reference books on philosophy, psychology, religion; useful collections of myths and legends; interesting biographies (such as C.S. Lewis and Roald Dahl); the arts (graffiti, Cubist, Dada); art and craft section (including photography) science books (which includes Grays Anatomy and several books on the brain and how it works - not to be confused with psychology)and lastly one shelf mostly for Terry Pratchett books.  Basically, books that I can put my hands on while writing - if not for information, then inspiration.

Hubby is used to this - he married a bookworm, who took an English degree and wants to be a writer/author.  There will never be a time when books won't heavily feature in my life.