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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

RMB: Son Lux - Stolen (featuring "Spegelbarn" by Erik Rosenlund - Animator)

This might be a bit left field for some, but I found this on the trippy side of the net last night.  Apparently, people think that Son Lux created this, but someone complained that actually it was animator Erik Rosenlund who did it.  Kudos to him and Son Lux - it seems to work.

Rosenlund's work featuring life of a child with ADHD can be seen HERE

Graduation Day Music I: Goldfrapp - Happiness

Today is graduation day and I will fill my LJ page with some of my favourite music to celebrate :-D

Graduation Day Music II: Goldfrapp - Systematic

Graduation Day Music III: Goldfrapp - Tigerman

I wish Alison and Will would sort out their audio upload - this sounds a bit garbled, but it's the only copy we have.  Sounds far better on the ipod

Graduation Day Music IV: Goldfrapp - Moon in your Mouth

Every time I listen to this track, I cry.  I played this when I submitted my major diss and it reminds me of the struggle I had a Plymouth and how I overcome it in the end.  Even after falling down concrete steps and nearly being hospitalised with a whopper of a jaw infection.  It also reminds me unbearably of Dill, who I miss so much.

"I'm alive [...] We're looking at the moon.  It's the same face we all see."


Graduation Day Music V: Jungle - Platoon

Graduation Day Music VI: Jungle - Busy Earnin'

Graduation Day Music VII: Jungle - Time

I know that I have posted this song umpteen times, but I still love it - it signifies unbridled joy :-)

Graduation Day Music VIII: Goldfrapp - Beast That Never Was