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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

RMB: Nine Inch Nails - Terrible Lie

Tori Amos Weekend V - Cornflake Girl

This is the first track that I heard off of her Under the Pink album.  I remember playing a lot of pool with my sister, while Hubby babysat Prodigals 1 and 2. Joyous time - drinking hot chocolate and watching Northern Exposure, with the love and hope in your heart that only a twenty-something person would have.

Tori Amos Weekend VI - God

Tell me you're crazy/Maybe then I'll understandCollapse )

Tori Amos Weekend VII - The Wrong Band

I loved this song, but it reminds me of an argument that was brewing between a friend and her ex partner, which eventually involved their kids.  Specifically, 'Ginger is always sincere/Just not to one man.'  Ouch.  The sentiments aired by Amos are found HERE

She's Got A Soft Spot For Heels and SpursCollapse )

Tori Amos Weekend VIII - The Waitress

Another pop at Courtney Love from La Amos.  LOL - "I Believe in Peace, Bitch!"