May 16th, 2017


Today, I fell down some concrete steps. I have not broken any bones, but am in extreme pain. Spent an afternoon in A+E, where they have managed to supply crutches for me for the time being. That is all.

Ankle Cankle

I am definitely feeling sorry for myself.  The swelling of my ankle has gone up part of my calf and I have one slightly puffy foot, one giant foot. I still can't weight bear and have to slide along on crutches, albeit very slow at the moment.  I am not too happy with Plymouth as they want a GPs cert - the doctors want to see me and I can't even get into a car, let alone see them.  Therefore I HAVE to get this essay done, because I cannot rely on the variables of will I/will I not be able to get extenuating circumstances.

So - onward tomorrow.  Will not be sad to leave Plymouth, sorry to say.