April 26th, 2017

MD Final Research - Day 2

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Something was bugging me today.  I was going out for a drive to have a think and then something at the back of my head waved an index card. I remember my lecturer J mentioning it back when I was doing the mini dissertation, but I was more interested in Psychoanalytical theory rather than the feminist slant.  Now, at almost the eleventh hour, it's coming back to me and I will now have to take a crash course of 'L'ecriture feminine' which instead of skating around the issue (like I have) delves straight into the heart of the matter.  So, I thought I was going to deliver this weekend? Wrong.

Helen Cixious' 'The Laugh of the Medusa'is an interesting text and has helped me a bit today.  I now feel like I have the final pieces, but I might have overloaded the dissertation with maybe TOO many outside sources.  There has to be room for my own point of view.  Onward with the conclusion now :-)

Gave up writing the rest and settled on getting the gist for tomorrow's lecture on PG Wodehouse.  Will see if I can at least do the biblio and just get that out of the way.

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